• Why Your Business Needs A Free Offer To Drive Traffic and Sales

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    Listen girl boss, we know that you’re out here trying to make them sales, grow your audience, and mind ya business. But what if we told you the key to improving your sales funnel is through a free offer?

    Now, some of you may be thinking “free? No, I don’t do free!” And listen, we feel you. We don’t either. But, utilizing the power of free can draw customers in that would likely never pay attention otherwise. So today we’ve made a list of 3 reasons your business needs a free offer in order to drive more traffic to your platforms and to increase sales.

    1. You Need To Catch The Attention Of Your Cold Audience

    You may or may not have heard someone use the term “cold audience” and “warm audience.” But, in order to provide the right offer to the correct audience, it’s important to understand the difference. A “cold audience” is an audience that knows nothing about your brand or business. Why is this important to know? Because people rarely make a purchase on the first touchpoint. So how do we intrigue a cold audience just enough to get them wanting more? A free offer!

    There’s nothing that sparks the interests of consumers more than the word “free”, especially if it’s something related to their interests. A free offer gives your audience the opportunity to get “warmed up” so you can upsell them later on. It’s a strategy that many businesses and marketing agencies follow, simply because it works.

    2. You Need To Build Trust With Your Audience

    Listen, just because you have a great product or service doesn’t mean your audience trusts you. And, just because you have great brand colors doesn’t mean you have a reputable brand. The key to building a strong brand requires building trust between your business and your audience. In other words, you and your audience need to go from strangers to acquaintances, to being in a relationship. But, how is your audience supposed to trust your brand if they simply don’t know you? 

    Like any good relationship, you need an intro or greeting. When you want to ask somebody on a date you don’t just go up to them and say “go on a date with me”, NO. First, you ask them their name, you tell them about yourself, you find common interests, etc. Building a brand is no different. Your free offer is your “greeting” that tells your customer a little more about you and what you can bring to the table.

    3. You Need To Convince Your Audience That They Should Buy From You

    As I said before, it’s been shown that customers typically don’t make a purchase on the first touchpoint. Comparing it back to dating, typically, people don’t say yes to dating you after just meeting you. First, your audience wants to understand what value they’re going to get out of the commitment they’re about to make. 

    Freebies provide insight into what you have to offer. Just imagine getting access to a free webinar that shows you how to upload FB ads or getting access to a free template that helps you organize your social media posts? Not only do you trust that brand more, but you’re more likely to purchase with them in the future because you know it will be valuable. It’s the idea that “if they gave me this much value for free, imagine how much value I’ll get for ‘x’ amount of dollars.” Your free offer isn’t your entire cake, it’s just the free sample. And, if your cake is good enough, you’ll find that once they take a bite they’ll want the whole thing!

    Now that you better understand the benefits of offering freebies, you may be wondering where to start? Well, there are so many things you can offer, but here are a few we recommend:

    • Access to exclusive webinars
    • Checklists and guides
    • Organizational templates
    • E-books
    • First-time consultations 
    • First purchase discounts

    These are just a few ideas, but remember the most important thing is value, value, value! It’s the key to piquing the interest of any audience. And, if you do it right you will find yourself with more website traffic, higher click-through-rates, and a bigger email list. All of which will ultimately help you create a sales funnel that converts your audience into paying customers.

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  • 10 Faith-based Businesses Owned By Women To Support Today

    Here at Plan and Prosper, we don’t just love a faith-based business, but we love a faith-based business owned by women who are changing the trajectory of entrepreneurship. As an online community for faith-based entrepreneurs, we don’t want to just talk the talk, we want to walk the walk. That means highlighting, encouraging, and spending money to support the women who are working tirelessly to grow their businesses.

    While there are so many amazing female Christian entrepreneurs we could include on this list, we decided to start by highlighting 10 powerhouse businesses changing the game. Here’s a list of 10 faith-based, woman-owned businesses you need to follow and support today.

    Victory Rose Shop and T-shirts
    1. Victory Rose

    Shop the cutest t-shirts, with the cutest sayings, and the cutest aesthetics. Owned by entrepreneur, Jalina, she first started Victory Rose to fundraise for her first mission trip to Kenya in 2018. Since then, Victory Rose has blossomed into an online shop that celebrates our victory through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Follow on Insta: @shopvictoryrose

    1. Expressions Bracelets

    Expressions Bracelets, also known as eb, is an online shop created by boss babe, SaRatta. Launched in 2012, eb offers beautifully crafted bracelets and accessories for the everyday woman. Their mission to inspire through jewelry has allowed them to reach and impact women from all walks of life. 

    Follow on Insta: @Expressionsbracelets

    Prayers and plans silk pajamas and loungewear
    1. Prayers & Plans

    Every woman doesn’t just deserve to look fabulous during the day, but also at night. The London based brand, Prayers & Plans, is here to serve the modern-day woman so she can sleep and lounge in style. They’ve been featured in Oprah Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Refinery29, so to say that they’re killing it would be an understatement!

    Follow on Insta: @prayersandplans

    Beauty Life Cosmetics and Brand Vitamin C Serum
    1. The Beauty Life Cosmetics

    Beauty Life is owned by Marketing Strategist and Content Creator, Loreal Jones Pride. Her work in the beauty industry for 6+ years combined with her determination to overcome eczema pushed her to create all-natural, hand-made healing products. Shop their vitamin C revitalizing serum, crystal clear lip glosses, rose gold beauty blender, and more!

    Follow on Insta: @thebeautylifebrand 

    Tatyanna Chamere Stylist and Photographer
    1. Tatyanna Chamere

    Every female boss needs a go-to photographer and stylist! Tatyanna Chamere is a killer stylist and photographer based in our home city of Atlanta. Honestly, we don’t have much to say because her work speaks for itself. She has a keen eye for all things fashion, art, and beauty and she’s also launching a custom denim and seasonal collection in January 2021!

    Follow on Insta: @tatyannachamere

    My Business His Glory Christian T-shirts
    1. My Business His Glory

    Okay, so what first sold us is their Instagram bio “for believers somewhere between Deuteronomy & Drake”, lol we LIVE for this! This faith-based business offers Christian t-shirts that are meant to inspire and encourage Christian entrepreneurs. Started by Brooklyn creative, Rickette, My Business His Glory combines both dopeness and Christianity to create clothing that isn’t just cool, but empowering. 

    Follow on Insta: @mybusinesshisglory

    Jasmine Chenice Faith-based brand strategist
    1. Jasmine Chenice

    Are you a woman of faith looking to brand your business? Well, Jasmine Chenice is your girl. She started Purpose Driven Strategies to help women of faith create their signature message, communicate their value, and launch their personal brand. And today you can get started by scheduling a free clarity call! 

    Follow on Insta: @jasminechenice

    Twelve One Design Whitney Hickman Branding and Web Design
    1. Twelve One Design

    Listen, boss babe, your business needs a website and digital templates that convert! And, that’s just what you’ll get from Twelve One Design. Owner, Whitney Hickman helps women grow their businesses by offering lead magnet templates, web design, and even branding!

    Follow on Insta: @twelveonedesign

    Pastor Nancy Joy Dozier Decree A Thing
    1. Nancy Joy Dozier

    When you’re in need of a word, Nancy Joy Dozier is your go-to woman. She is a speaker, coach, author, and personal pastor that literally shifts everything that comes near her. She wrote the book Decree A Thing, which has been a complete game-changer in the way we speak and pray the word of God. She is also the founder of the I Am A Miracle Movement. A movement and conference that will change your life (trust us, we’ve been to the conference twice). She is a powerhouse that shouldn’t be slept on!

    Follow on Insta: @nancyjoydozier

    1. Faith Creations Co

    Accessorize your wardrobe with the cutest clay accessories made by Faith Creations Co. In the midst of quarantine boredom, owner Mandi decided to start making clay jewelry and accessories. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with clay so she decided to start an Etsy shop and sell her jewelry online. Not only are we obsessed with her designs, but also her faith-based mission.

    Follow on Insta: @faithcreationsco

    Be sure to keep your eye out for more faith-based businesses and entrepreneurs you can support through our online community. And, if you’d like to be featured on our blog or IG be sure to contact us so that we can get to know you and how your biz is making an impact.

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  • 5 Reasons You Should Never Buy An Email List To Grow Your Audience

    Black an white home office with mac computer and plants

    Hey girl boss, we heard you’re looking to grow your email list? Well, you may have done some research and now you’re considering one of two options: building an email list organically or purchasing an email list. Both are options entrepreneurs consider, but we’re here to steer you far away from buying an email list (or followers in general).

    First, why are email lists so important in the first place? Well, it’s one of the best forms of marketing because it gives you direct access to your audience. Not only that, it is the most inexpensive but yet effective forms of digital marketing. And compared to other types of marketing such as FB, PPC, etc, you really get the most bang for your buck. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019). So, trust us (or any other digital marketing agency), when we say that email marketing is a great strategy for your biz! 

    However, one mistake we’ve seen several businesses make is purchasing an email list. So today we’re going to share 5 reasons why you should never purchase an email list if you’re trying to grow your audience and build a reputable brand.


    The #1 reason is that first and foremost, it’s a huge waste of money. Just think about it, whenever you’re buying an email list it’s VERY likely that the audience is not interested in what you do or offer. And, every time you spend money advertising to somebody outside of your target market, you’re wasting your precious marketing dollars. The SAME applies to marketing on Facebook, Google, or any other platform. Just imagine hanging a billboard up for snow gear in the Sahara desert… Yes, maybe a few people traveling to the cold may need some snow gear. But, overall- it’s just a waste of money. 


    Remember that awesome statistic we included up there? For every $1 you spend you can expect an average ROI of $42? Yeah, the likelihood of that happening with a purchased email list is slim to none. Again, the premade list you’ve spent money on is likely, not interested in your business. So not only will you be wasting $$, but your open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates will be low. And, your unsubscribe rates high! Remember, we’re not just looking for a large number of subscribers, we’re looking to build a loyal customer base that will actually spend money with you. We ain’t got time for nobody else!


    Aside from how it can hurt your business, it’s very much against most online platforms’ policies. Want to upload your purchased email list to MailChimp or any other EPS (email service providers)? You’ll most likely end up not being able to send emails, getting your account shut down, and possibly even having legal action taken against you. The same applies to uploading email lists to Facebook to create lookalike audiences. To put it plainly, it’s against their policies so just don’t do it.


    Just think about it, if you purchased an email list the likelihood of another business purchasing the same exact list is high. How annoyed would you be to receive a bunch of emails from multiple companies you never opted-in with? Not only would you unsubscribe, you may just take the L and get a new email address at that point!


    Last, but not least, buying an email list can seriously hurt your brand’s reputation. You could offer the best services or products, but if people feel like you’re spamming them (which technically you are bc they never opted-in with you), they will not care about your business at all. As a matter of fact, they will likely associate your business with negative and spammy feelings. You will not be taken seriously and you will definitely not build the brand loyalty your business needs to grow. 

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. What do you do when your email list is non-existent? Well, that’s a whole other question for another day. But, for now, we suggest reading Jenna Kutcher’s 5 Strategies That Help Her Add 5,000 Subscribers to Her Email List Every Week. It includes some important strategies such as offering freebies and creating funnels that not only we use, but reputable digital marketing agencies as well.

    Okay, faith-based entrepreneur- now it’s time to get to work! Go and build an email list ORGANICALLY so you can build an audience that not only trusts you but BUYS from you!

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