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Listen girl boss, we know that you’re out here trying to make them sales, grow your audience, and mind ya business. But what if we told you the key to improving your sales funnel is through a free offer?

Now, some of you may be thinking “free? No, I don’t do free!” And listen, we feel you. We don’t either. But, utilizing the power of free can draw customers in that would likely never pay attention otherwise. So today we’ve made a list of 3 reasons your business needs a free offer in order to drive more traffic to your platforms and to increase sales.

1. You Need To Catch The Attention Of Your Cold Audience

You may or may not have heard someone use the term “cold audience” and “warm audience.” But, in order to provide the right offer to the correct audience, it’s important to understand the difference. A “cold audience” is an audience that knows nothing about your brand or business. Why is this important to know? Because people rarely make a purchase on the first touchpoint. So how do we intrigue a cold audience just enough to get them wanting more? A free offer!

There’s nothing that sparks the interests of consumers more than the word “free”, especially if it’s something related to their interests. A free offer gives your audience the opportunity to get “warmed up” so you can upsell them later on. It’s a strategy that many businesses and marketing agencies follow, simply because it works.

2. You Need To Build Trust With Your Audience

Listen, just because you have a great product or service doesn’t mean your audience trusts you. And, just because you have great brand colors doesn’t mean you have a reputable brand. The key to building a strong brand requires building trust between your business and your audience. In other words, you and your audience need to go from strangers to acquaintances, to being in a relationship. But, how is your audience supposed to trust your brand if they simply don’t know you? 

Like any good relationship, you need an intro or greeting. When you want to ask somebody on a date you don’t just go up to them and say “go on a date with me”, NO. First, you ask them their name, you tell them about yourself, you find common interests, etc. Building a brand is no different. Your free offer is your “greeting” that tells your customer a little more about you and what you can bring to the table.

3. You Need To Convince Your Audience That They Should Buy From You

As I said before, it’s been shown that customers typically don’t make a purchase on the first touchpoint. Comparing it back to dating, typically, people don’t say yes to dating you after just meeting you. First, your audience wants to understand what value they’re going to get out of the commitment they’re about to make. 

Freebies provide insight into what you have to offer. Just imagine getting access to a free webinar that shows you how to upload FB ads or getting access to a free template that helps you organize your social media posts? Not only do you trust that brand more, but you’re more likely to purchase with them in the future because you know it will be valuable. It’s the idea that “if they gave me this much value for free, imagine how much value I’ll get for ‘x’ amount of dollars.” Your free offer isn’t your entire cake, it’s just the free sample. And, if your cake is good enough, you’ll find that once they take a bite they’ll want the whole thing!

Now that you better understand the benefits of offering freebies, you may be wondering where to start? Well, there are so many things you can offer, but here are a few we recommend:

  • Access to exclusive webinars
  • Checklists and guides
  • Organizational templates
  • E-books
  • First-time consultations 
  • First purchase discounts

These are just a few ideas, but remember the most important thing is value, value, value! It’s the key to piquing the interest of any audience. And, if you do it right you will find yourself with more website traffic, higher click-through-rates, and a bigger email list. All of which will ultimately help you create a sales funnel that converts your audience into paying customers.